Endourology Academy provides access to world-class endourology training developed in collaboration with leading experts now available to you.

EndourologyAcademy.com is a platform through which healthcare professionals can stay connected with their area of expertise. Our learners include individuals (trainees and fully qualified practitioners), institutes offering Post graduation courses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an open and fair database of events and courses. When visiting Endourologyacademy.com, you can browse courses by specialty, continent or industry.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Endourologyacademy is to provide easy world-class education and online learning platform for physicians. Our Aim is by the learning and interaction platform, physicians will upgrade their skills that will enhance patient experience and increase procedural success with minimum complications.

Why Us

Endourologyacademy is ideal for Urologist and Surgeon who are looking forward to upgrade their operative skills. Endourologyacademy also encourages submission of new surgical techniques for other to learn


Our Scientific Chair

Name: Prof Dr Kemal SARICA Professor of Urology
Country: Turkey
Position: Scientific Chair of EndourologyAcademy
- Co-chairman International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU).
- Past Chairman: EAU section of Urolithiasis (EULIS)

Dear valuable colleagues,

In the light of the notable changes in the treatment of “urinary stones” and benign enlarged prostate (BPH), as minimal invasive management approaches, endourological procedures have proven their efficacy and became the gold standard in the majority of these prevalent pathologies. Based on the widespread application of these modalities in all parts of the world, well-prepared proper, adequate education and training programs gain more importance for the residents and practicing urologists.

In the light of the importance of proper, standardized “education and training” in endourology, we aimed to establish a comprehensive learning portal named “Endourology Academy” to provide a platform with the valuable support of leading renowned experts from different countries.

Our main mission will be to provide an excellent “online education and training platform” easily accessible and practical. We strongly believe that physicians will upgrade their operative skills through this interactive, guiding platform by adding further insights into their surgical experience through well-prepared video demonstrations, presentations, summary of recent publications, online workshops, and live-surgery broadcasts will certainly increase procedural success rates and minimize relevant complications.

Dear valuable friends, we hope that our learning portal will raise endourologic education and training. We will always be ready for your kind contributions, comments, and feedback.

With all our best regards,
On behalf of the EndourologyAcademy executive committee,
Professor of Urology
Scientific Head; Endourology Academy

Our Vice Chair

Name: Mr Daron Smith Professor of Urology
Country: United Kingdom
Position: Scientific Vice Chair of EndourologyAcademy
- Deputy Editor – Journal Of Endoluminal Endourology.
- Social Media Committee, World Endourology Society.
- Previously Chairman, BAUS Section of Endourology and Associate Editor (Urolithiasis), BJU International

Scientific Executive Committee

Dr. Sameer Parmar Germany Position: Scientific Member for Shockwave Lithotripsy and Website site coordinator Twitter Linkedin
Assoc. Prof Kremena Petkova Bulgaria Position: Scientific Member for Ureteroscopy and basic endourology Twitter Linkedin
Dr Vineet Gauhar Singapore Position: Scientific Member for Ureteroscopy and Prostate Surgery Twitter Linkedin
Dr Nariman Gadzhiev Russia Position: Scientific Member Ureteroscopy and Medical treatment of Urolithiasis Twitter Linkedin
Prof Dr Madhusudan Agarawal India Position: Scientific head for PCNL AND paediatrics Twitter Linkedin
Dr Kymora Scotland USA Position: Scientific Member for Shockwave lithotripsy and basic Endourology Twitter Linkedin
Prof Marcos Cepeda Spain Position: Scientific head for PCNL and Basic endourology Twitter Linkedin

Associate Scientific Executive Member

Dr. Mohammed Omar Egypt Position: Associate Scientific Member for Lower Tract Endourology Twitter Linkedin
Dr. Parimal Gharia India Position: Associate Scientific Member for Upper Tract Endourology Twitter