Dr. Mohammed Omar beautifully describes and demonstrates the benefits of Bipolar enucleation in such patients.


Dr. Mohammed Omer demonstrates an excellent case of bipolar enucleation of the prostate for a large prostate gland. The patient has a prostate of over 200 gms. The prostate patient is on Rivaroxaban to reduce DVT risk due to AF. 

Lesson1.1 Disclaimer
Lesson1.2 Introduction
Lesson1.3 Why Bipolar enucleation of prostate.
Lesson1.4 Benefits of Bipolar enucletion
Lesson1.5 Patient details and initial cystoscopy
Lesson1.6 Cystoscopy
Lesson1.7 5 O'clock incision
Lesson1.8 12 O'clock incision
Lesson1.9 Lateral lobe enucleation
Lesson1.10 Post enucleation cystoscopy
Lesson1.11 Morcellation initial
Lesson1.12 Post operative
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Dr Mohamed Kamal Omar

Dr. Mohamed Kamal Omar is affiliated with the urology department at Menoufia University as an Associate professor of urology. 

Dr. Mohamed Omar has a special interest in 

  • Enucleation of prostate (laser and bipolar)
  • Transurethral resection of prostate and bladder tumors
  • Seminal vesiculoscopy and varicocelectomy

Dr. Omar's other interest is in urolithiasis surgery like URS, fURS, and PCNL. 

Dr Omar has over 34 international publications and over 22 abstract in various international conference. 


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