Dr. Parimal wonderfully demonstrates  how to perform infundibulotomy using a Holmium laser and later fragmentation and clearance of the calculus


The objective of the instructional video is how to treat a patient with calyceal diverticulum with retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS/fURS)

Lesson1.1 Disclaimer
Lesson1.2 Introduction
Lesson1.3 Background of treatment of calyceal diverticular stones
Lesson1.4 Patient details
Lesson1.5 Surgical planning
Lesson1.6 FURS for the non diverticular stones
Lesson1.7 Identification of infundibular neck and incision
Lesson1.8 Holmium laser lithotripsy for diverticular stone
Lesson1.9 Post operative followup
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Dr. Parimal Gharia

Dr Parimal Gharia is a consultant urologist practicing at Icon Hospi-tal, Surat. 
He has completed his medical school from B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad in 2002 and his Masters in General Surgery from NHM Mu-nicipal Medical college, Ahmedabad in 2005.   Having successfully fin-ished his DNB (Urology) from Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre, Ahmedabad in 2011, He has worked as Assistant professor at same institute till 2012.
He started his practice at Surat in 2012 and started his own Icon hospital in 2013 and doing private practice since than.
He is actively participating in academic activities at zonal and na-tional level. 
His main area of interests is RIRS and other Minimally invasive en-dourology and Laparoscopic urology.

MBBS:   B J Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
M.S :  NHS Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad 
DNB (Urology): Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research centre, Ah-medabad.

Assistant Professor of Urology, IKDRC, Ahmedabad
Current Position
Consultant Urologist & Director of Icon Hospital, Surat.

Minimally invasive Endourology
Laparoscopic Urology 

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